Catrix_Art - student project


I am a 23-year-old artist from Germany, known as Catrix_Art or Creon, depending on the website. I am self-thought so far, but I hope I can get some professional education in the illustration field soon, it is just a little hard to get here in Germany^^ 

I do a lot of stuff. Mainly I draw and paint, both digitally and traditionally with either a really nice drawing tablet from Huion and the drawing program Krita, or mostly watercolor, acrylic paint and/or ink, but other mediums slip in from time to time as well. 
Besides drawing I really love to crochet little amigurumis (at the moment pokemon) or knitting (I really am a beginner knitter but I knitted a great scarf that kept me warm all winter :D ) and I love to try out new stuff. My newest findings are woodburning and sculpting with clay, with which I played around a little and am looking forward to explore more. 

You can find me on Instagram as @catrix_art for drawings or as @pin.and.needle (the one with the combee amigurumi as profile picture) for knitting and crocheting. 
I also have a website, which I use as a portfolio for my work so far. 

At the moment I make money with digital commission art. I do mainly character Art for people with their own characters, like Pen-and-Paper-RPG players or people who want an artwork from their character they build in a character builder of a video game, but I also did wallpaper commissions, profile picture commissions and some smaller fanart commissions. In very rare cases I also did traditional commission art, but almost exclusively to locals, where I could deliver the art in person and wouldn't have to depend on mailing services (they are quite good here in Germany, but you never know). 

My goal is, to become a professional self-employed artist. I can't quite define the field I want to work in, because there is a lot I would like to do.
In the drawing section, illustrating (children's) books would be amazing, I always wanted to design my own tarot-cards-deck or playing cards, postcards, stickers, creating and selling a full on calendar or even an art book would be really cool and a lot more. I mean, have you ever thought about creating a board game? Because I have and oh hell, count me in. 
But besides that, I also want to sell other things I do. Like crocheted cute amigurumis or wooden plates with a woodburned design on them. And there are so many other things I haven't tried out yet that could become something I want to do more professionally. 
I also started developing a text-based adventure RPG with a friend of mine, but we are at the beginning stages of it, so there is not much I can share about it at this moment. 

So yeah, there is a lot I want to do, but I am really at the beginning of all of this. I don't really have a following, so I think I should start with increasing my reach online, to get a bit more known. It can never hurt to have some more people who enjoy my work! :D 
So if you have read this far, I would really appreciate if you would check my work out and follow me, if you like what I do. And don't be shy! You can message me anytime with feedback, questions or just to find a fellow artist to share with :D 

Until then: So long o/