Catmandu - The Cat Fashion & Clothing Website

As I was brainstorming some quirky website ideas for this project, my cat leaped on to my desk, pranced over my keyboard and almost completely distracted me from the task at hand. Fortunately, my mind began to form connections between website design and felines which eventually led me to this most glorious concept:

Cat Fashion & Clothing eCommerce Site

To my surprise, some preliminary research led me to find that cat fashion is a burgeoning industry in some parts of the world... 


1. GOALS: What does success look like?

Stakeholders: (Vendors)

  • List cat clothing items for sale quickly and easily
  • Sell cat clothing items to interested shoppers

Users: (Shoppers)

  • Browse for interesting outfits for their cat
  • Purchase amazing outfits for their cat
  • Share photos of their beloved pet dressed in their fashionable new getups online for all to see


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