Catherine Hoggins - Portfolio

Catherine Hoggins - Portfolio - student project

Hi James,

I’m Catherine an Illustrator based near to Sheffield, UK. My route to an illustration career is a little different, whilst I have always been interested in art, I worked for many years as a nurse before leaving the profession to study Graphic Design, where I found that the projects that interested me most were more illustration based.  So, overtime, I have been trying to develop an illustration portfolio that is commercially viable, but often get stuck or side-tracked on where my quirky style might fit…I have had some success with freelance greeting card work and book covers for the French market, however, personally I would love to see my work used for editorial use or in cookery books or something similar - any thoughts or feedback would be gratefully received.

Thank You for taking the time to have a look...and for sharing your knowledge here and on You Tube, it's very helpful and much appreciated.

Best wishes,