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Cathedral of the ocean

Hi there,

So, I bought myself a A3 size pen tablet and wanted to try it in this class, since I already started it once and found it very hard with the mouse. 

I have a very limited experience with digital drawing and painting, so it was a major challenge, and I'm not even close to finished with it. But after 2,5 days this is what I came up with:

First my sketch:


It's a cliff and in the distance, there is a church or cathedral on a big rock. So a little Mont St. Michel meets Alcatraz.

Some where at the beginning of the 2nd day i realized that by merging layers, the progress was lost, so I made a quick jpg save.


Later this day I realized that the stairs and the church were way over my head, so I decided to delete the stairs and use a real cathedral on the rock.

Here's where I stand now! I don't like it as much anymore, the ocean is to dark, the church doesn't fit there, but I do love the way the cliffs turned out so far, but 3D, mwahhhh....


Thank you very much for this lesson. I loved working with my new pen tablet and, I think I learned a lot about photoshop and drawing in it!


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