Cathartic, Fun, and Freeing

Cathartic, Fun, and Freeing - student project

I love all of Yasmina's classes and I always feel creative just watching them. But this - THIS class feels like the missing piece in the puzzle for me. It's allowed me to DO the projects and given me a fresh perspective of how experimenting and making ugly stuff is CRUCIAL -- at least for me, who is a person that's very hard on herself. I also painted an abstract piece about the quarantine (not showed here), which actually makes me cry when I look at it (inspired by the small lesson in this class).  My ART never makes me cry! LOL.  

I've revisited this class a few times just to inspire my creativity bug - when I know that I should be practicing and playing. I have so many ideas in my head of "perfect paintings" etc., and I think of the enviable art I see on Instagram or Pinterest. This class re-sparks that joy of creating all over again. I also go back and remember that Pablo Picasso was also successful, but he created profuse amounts of art. (I live in the Barcelona, where one of the Pablo Picasso musesums live, and most are pieces are meh. But obviously, he was discovering and playing). Now on to creating more ugly art!

Justine Ancheta
Student of Skillshare, Barcelona blogger