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My project for the One Month Rails course will be on an idea I've had for a short while. It came to me because I was looking for something similar. I have came across websites that come close, but is nowhere to what something like this is capable of.

I will be creating a web app that will list all of the catering companies in the United States (maybe international down the line). Basically, an online directory for caterers. So why not just search Yelp or Citysearch? My web app will be striclty based on caterers only. This will allow the content, data, reviews and ratings to be more focused.

The listings will be able to be viewed by:
Filtering: Filter by foods/dishes (each food/dish will be a category)
Sorting: Sort by name, $$$, categories, etc

After a user has filtered their own views and found their caterers, they will have the ability to compare each one of them side by side. I think this would be very helpful, especially for weddings. Say, when a user filters all of the wedding caterers, then filters even further with what types of dishes, there still will be more than enough to choose from. A view will help the user hopefully make a decision.

Users will be able to to rate and review each company. Maybe a small community forum for each city. Helpful for members to recommend, based on food. Maybe more useful data and content but this is what I want to attempt so far.

I look forward to working on this project and to make it reality! I also look forward to seeing other people's projects and their progression.

James Hach


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