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Catchy Cheerful

This was my song:

I did a quick free flowing inkline instead of downloading the template. I saw a dog in it, so just went with that. Chose to use colored pencils. Did not mean to make the thick black line at the ear. Below are the colors and emotions I felt from the song (linked above). 

I used one red pencil for both excitement and delight (those are the 2 red colors). I colored lighter to get the softer hue for the shirt (delight). On the dark spots (sleeves) I pushed slightly harder and used the orange to get a nice blend of color there. I noticed the red, orange and yellow were complimentary, so I looked for a color that would fit the split complimentary on the color wheel. This is how I ended up with the blue-green color. I think I should have kept that color smaller as little pops of color, rather than do the shoes because the blue-green ended up taking up too much real estate there. Maybe I used too many colors? Or maybe there are too many complimentary colors?

I think it definitely gives a happy and energetic vibe though. I look forward to the next class. I am realizing how much I still have to learn about color. I have never thought to use color so purposefully!



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