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Catching that holiday spirit

Every year when I make a Christmas card to send to my friends and family, I always have trouble with the lettering. I draw some characters,  slap a crappy font on the card and voila: Christmas card is finished. The result always leave me unsatisfied. This year I want to focus more on the lettering and the bells and whistles instead of the characters I draw. 

My text will be: warmest wishes for the holidays.  And here are some of my ideas:

Some reference foto's I really like:


Update: here's my lettering warm-up. 


Update: Composition time!

Here are a few compositions I drew. At the time I really liked the 4th one (the one with the snowman)


Update: Sketching time

I started sketching letters for the project (and doodled some cartoons animals too in the process :) )

I decided early in the design process I wanted to use a cute frame so I started drawing different frames. I went with the frame on the right.

I was drawing the image below late in the evening, so instead of saying 'warmest wishes for the holidays', I wrote 'warmest wishes for the wishes'! :) I liked this sketch so much,  I decided to go with this one. Below are some stars I wanted to use for the drawing.

The final result!

I made my drawing a bit too big, it didn't fit enterely on the scanner. I'll have to clean it up in photoshop.

I'll be coloring this drawing in the next tutorial, can't wait to get started! :)


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