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Dewi Mertha

Interactive Designer



Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

Hello there! I decided to choose one of the books from the Hunger Games collection, Catching Fire. Katniss is such a strong heroine, symbolizing hope and strength, that I decided on the letter “K.” Here are some of the words that I had written down.

Catching Fire


-Mocking Jay














-Bow and Arrows


-The odds










-The Arena



I did several sketches and these two are my strongest.

  1. The first one, is the Mocking Jay. It has become a symbol of rebellion for President Snow and the capital, and it has also become a symbol of hope for the poorer districts. It’s a great symbol of “survival,” the bird was genetically bred to be a weapon, but instead defied its purpose of creation and thrived. 
  2. My second sketch represents the Arena. It’s an elaborate island with 12 sections, each becoming deadly at different hours. Going back into the arenas was the focal point of the book. On the 75th Anniversary of the Games, all the Victors return back into the Arena. I focused on the climax of the book. The stroke of the “K” represents the thick, tall tree that they had wrapped with wire and Katniss’s arrow flying to reach the top of the arena.

Any suggestions? In the second sketch, should I make the stroke look more like a tree?


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