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Catch Up! - Introduction

Hi fellow classmates!

I just enrolled. A bit late, but late or not. Here I come!

I hope you will like my project and postings. And I would love to get feedback on what you like and don't like. The first thing I did was check out your projects and man, there is plenty of great ideas I can see! Very inspiring.

So don't hesitate to ask questions, send ideas or suggestions. And if you like the path I have started please hit the LIKE button, that's what it's there for! :)


So finaly I got some time to go through Week1äs material. And I am excited to get started for real now. My plan is the be able to catch up during next week and to be able to complete Week2 by Sunday/Monday.

Also I got an Idea of the project. It will be a combination of BOTH Breakout and Doodle Jump gamplay. Hope you will like my concept :)



"Catch up!" will be the name of my project. I think it's fitting since I enrolled late and is a bit behind.

Style. It will be happy, bright and colorful. Just like I want arcade games to be. I will try to go for a simple style so I will manage to do some art while learning.


Your goal is to control the character (at this point he/she/it is simply called "Blue") escaping the small island it somehow got stranded on. 

The gameplay will be a combination of both jumping up DoodleStyle on platforms and to Break blocks of rock that blocks the path BreakoutStyle.


Well I need to have one...

Week One: Learn the basic of Unity, making concept design and dummy placholder object that I make a crude level of.

Week Two: Learn Playmaker. Refine the art assets, continue gameplay ideas.

Week Three: Get the breakout gameplay on place. Try to add some animation and fx to it all.

Week Four: Add the doodlejump gameplay and combine it with the breakout. Touch up the art and test if I can add some sfx.

That's it! Do you think it's a good idea or not? I am pleased that if everything work out as planned I will be able to start making assets while learning Unity and be able to use that all along the project resulting in one final game at the end.


Week One - Mangling material and setting the tone

Ok now it's just time to get going. Planning to be done with week One during Sunday


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