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Catch Me if You Can

AutoBiography of Frank Abagnale a former con artist who pretends to be a lawyer, pilot ,a doctor and a teacher. Have read this book and watched the movie many times. Will be interesting to try and capture it in a drop cap. 

Here are my initial ideation sketches. I have looked at a few themes of the book from when he conned himself into being a Pilot, Lawyer, Doctor. I decided that what all of these themes had in common was his ability to travel and move around the globe with ease, this is the direction that I went in. 

From here I chose 4 concepts and decided to run with these. All of these followed the idea of travel and being able to out run the police and his old life.The first idea looks at those digital numbers that are at airports, the second idea and third C are simulating the idea of an airport runway and the last idea is looking at a globe and the outside part being the C.

In the next stage I decided to go digital and to try and flush out some more ideation. I decided to really develop the globe idea as I believe this represents the book well in terms of his ability to travel the world and be able to choose where and what he wanted to do.

I took this to a mock cover just to get an idea of how it is going to look, any feedback on this would be great. These are still very early stages as I just wanted to get something up as It has taken me a while to catch up with everything. Thanks guys !

After the feedback I got, I went back to the drawing board and edited alot of the project. First of all I took on what people said and reduced the impact of the globe yet not making it insignificant, I increased the width and size of the C as well as changed the background colour / got rid of the texture to make everything else stand out more.

Any feedback is awesome! Thanks guys


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