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Catalyst Group

I was born to be an entrepreneur. I come frome two families of entrepreneur and from a region known for its strong level of entrepreneurship. I have been officially an entrepreneur for the last 16 years but I can also say I was all my life considering all the projects I started.

I believe entrepreneurship is a great way to live a full life, an integrated life where all your life values and priorities come into one. I also belive that in this new era, entrepreneurs are the ones who will get the economy back on the right track for the future generations. The are the foundation of a strong economy.

I live in Canada, in the french province of Quebec. Our province is behind in the number of entrepreneurs. I want to do my share in a more significant manner. I want to have a strong impact on the increase of the number of entrepreneurs as well as the number of successful business on a long terme basis. I want to inspire people to act. I want entrepreneurs to be more strategic. I want them to succeed.

My project is to create a Group, the Catalyst Group, that will be a ressource with solutions for entrepreneurs from wannabes to newbies to launched business, a fast track for entrepreneurs at any cycle of the business life to help them move forward faster and more efficiently. I want to help them launch a solid business or to grow their business or put their business back on the right track. Our Group will be a toolbox of solutions delivered by experts through coaching, consulting, training and financing. A group of entrepreneurs helping entrepreneurs who share their passion, the experience, their scars and their knowledge.


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