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Cataloguing colors

So.. I don't have the heart to actually tear apart my pre-sselected sets, because I don't have tons of colors anyway. But, I did catalogue most of it finally, to be prepared.


First I used a cheap drugstore water color paper, but the colors were so faint, I couldn't believe my eyes. So I sacrificed some good Hahnemühle for comparison. My camera did too good a job, so the difference is not as apparent, but it is really awful.

1094a280The van Gogh set took forever.

c757bf39Hear ou can see the difference. But when I did the layering test, the right colors appeared after all, so I'll probably continue to use the cheap paper for the swatches.

f5393721I'm a cheapskate, so I did not get premade pocket sheets (which I would have to buy), but used my long-forgotten stapler and the craft knive on the sleeves I already had. Works just fine.


This is my Nerchau 5 ml tube set. Loved making it as a travel palette.

I have a few additional color tubes, but nothing to put them in. I figured that if I were to create a custom palette in the future, I might wanna get the plastic thingies to put them in, so I can change their order until I am confident about a selection.

46a9dce6The Van Goh palette chart has taken the time of about a whole audiobooks now. Also, since I don't like just wiping away the mixed color, I'm doodling with it on the side. I still have trouble using the water colors as actual water colors and not like opaque colors.... 

That's it for this project right now!


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