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Alyse Schulte

Graphic Designer




My 4x6 Map Contest Map mapping the cats I have seen in my neighborhood in South Philadelphia. 

I am making this map for fun, to showcase some of my favorite places. My idea for a map is to highlight all of the taco places in South Philadelphia. I live in South Philly and have been lucky enough to try many of them.

People I'd like to view this map include people who live in Philadelphia, are visiting, or just love Tacos.

I will need help on finding the best way to organize my information in an easy to read manner. I also will most likely need to decide the best things to highlight at each restaurant; menu options, prices, do they serve beer, veggie options, etc.

I plan on doing a double sided sheet, with the Map and highlights on the front and the actual check list on the back. The map and check list are below.

The map still needs streets and pin points for the locations, I'm currently trying a few different options on how to place them.

I am trying to decide an order for the Restaurants to go in.  Now they are just listed as found on Yelp. If you have any suggestions, let me know :)

I also plan on putting whether or not they serve beer and if they are known for veggie options, by adding little symbols next to the restaurants.

This is just the rough drafts and an initial outline of the map, so I look forward to any comments.

I just found this map on the Strange Maps Link that Ann posted. I really love how illustrative this map and how different it was portrayed than mine. I thought it was fun to see another version of a similar concept.

I added the locations into my map using little Taco Markers. I think I am going to go with the suggestion to reorder the restaurants by location. I still have more pieces I want to include, but this is where it is at so far :)

Keep Ramblin'. I wasn't even looking for anything like this.. but what a neat and compact idea. I'm thinking about adding a condensed version.. similar to this on the opposite side of my map! I love it. 


I played around with the final layout of my map a little and cut the list down to 20 Taquerias. I have a few changes I already know I want to make. I think the carrot for veggie friendly looks like a spicy pepper so I'm thinking of changing it to a tomato or a leaf. I also need to edit the pin point locations on the map and think about an alternative icon marker.

The final map will be a tri fold. The Amazing South Philly Taco Hunt will be the cover, the map will be on the back and the checklist with some info wil be inside.

I flipped around the layout so that the map could take up a full side and the cover and check list would make up the other side. I need to finish up the right side of the map since I expanded it width-wise. The grey area is highways and plazas I need to fill in. 

I'm still not totally set on what I want the cover to look like, but I do think it's important to have it be in the trifold format so it's easier to carry than a full sheet of paper. 


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