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Laura Moraiti

Front end developer and designer



Cat life

I love cats, and I have a fat ginger cat that is like a child for us. Anakin's indifference makes us work extra hard to get his attention, So I found the phrase "I work hard so my cat can have a better life" and at first wasn't very graphic in my mind, but after the inspiration round it got extra clear: construction workers at sunset looking over NYC while the rich and faboulous rejoice with champagne and the fine life (check the moodboard).

  • Playing with the "work hard" concept:

  • Making some rough thumbnails

My "finished" (not inked, not digital, since I took 1'n half hours to do the class) may be a bit busy, but I was going for a poster that combined lots of graphic elements - since that was my medium of choice.

On a digital stage? Sunset/night would be really mellow, like a watercolor, that gradiently fades from oranges to purples, with a high note on the lettering: gray on the beams and gold on the champagne.


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