Cat garden

Cat garden - student project


Thank you so much Brooke for this wonderful class! I have literally learned all I know of Procreate from your class back in 2019, when I was still a graduate student in Linguistics, and now I am starting out as a professional illustrator! I've always worked more in traditional media, and at the time I was too slow on Procreate, so I never took the time to sit down and make a project for the class (shame on me!), but things are different now!!! :D

This new update introduced so many new features!!!!! I'm still amazed at how powerful Procreate can be once one knows the gestures and settings, and this class is still my number one reference for all things Procreate. I rewatch it every once in a while, and facepalm at all the useful things I manages to forget in the meantime XD My favourite feature from this class is the new stabilisation settings, which are HUGELY helpful to me. Before that, it was how to use alpha lock, and clipping masks!!

I am still very much a traditional artist, but I've recently started using Procreate to help plan my printmaking process too, and I want to start doing more pattern design, which is the focus of this project!

For this project, I wanted to try semi-freehand isometric illustration. I activated an isometric drawing guide, but did not use assisted drawing, so my lines could remain a bit more free. I went for a half-drop seamless repeating pattern, so I started with the middle of a square, without touching the edges.

Cat garden - image 1 - student project

After hours of adding in more details, I "cut" the square in quarters and moved them around to prepare the pattern repeat (right half to the left, top left to bottom right, bottom left to top right)

Cat garden - image 2 - student project

Then I filled in the empty spaces in the middle, again without touching the edges.

And then, at last, the ultimate satisfaction of tiling the pattern FOREVER!!!

Cat garden - image 3 - student project

I had a lot of fun making this pattern! Thank you again for the class, Brooke!

I can be found on Instagram as @echo.ism (general illustration) and @echo.printmaker (printmaking) if anyone wants to come say hi :)


Isabelle Lin
Illustrator and printmaker