Cat-egory: TAGLINE

Hi everyone!

I knew if I didn't work on this now, I'd be doing it Sunday night, so here goes:

I designed a simple logo to go with it. (Cat silhouettes courtesy of all-silhouettes.com.) It helped me to visualize what might work better, although it was possibly a distraction from choosing the best text, I don't know. But it was fun. And I didn't start that part until I had finished the other steps, of course. ;)

(Emphasizing the emphasis on cats, with a couple of "nine lives" references.)

Tagline finalists:

Tending and mending, from first life to ninth.

All purr. No bark. 

Defer to the purr.

Dedication, 100 purrcent.

Wholeheartedly dedicated, 100 purrcent.

For a feel-fine feline.

Single-minded attention. Times nine.

We're purrfectionists.

My favorite two were incorporated to the logo versions I designed, attached below.

(I don't know if we have to join a group to give/get feedback, or if you can comment on projects not in your group, but I'll try to figure that out next.)

Thanks, everyone!

-- Sarah


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