Cat brings offering

Cat brings offering - student project




Cat brings offering - image 1 - student project


A few sketches of cat forms I'd like. The first ones look off, the middle ones don't represent me, but the last one I'm quite happy with. 


Draft with initial fill colours

I got some colour inspirations from some swatches from a book called Palette Perfect, I'd really recommend it. 

Cat brings offering - image 2 - student project


The story

I tried to tell a story in this picture, of how cats like bringing offerings to their owners, typically in the form of dead small animals, but that would have been vile! So I went more cutesy and made the cat bring a leaf. But for some extra context, I made the owner be a plant lover, like me. With guest appearances from the plants I own myself, a dumb cane, mother's tongue and ZZ plant. I chose what was simpler to illustrate with outlines and no extra details. As details of the background, I didn't want to overwhelm the eye with too much, like the leaf patterns on both the dumb cane and ZZ plant. 


Almost complete!

Cat brings offering - image 3 - student project


Tweaked colour of the cat

Sometimes when I'm unsure about the final colour, I tweak the resulting image in a photo editor on my phone.

I sort of liked a purple-ish cat more, but I welcome your thoughts - blue-ish or purple-ish?

Cat brings offering - image 4 - student project