Cat and the Birdhouse

Cat and the Birdhouse - student project

Cat and the Birdhouse - image 1 - student projectCat and the Birdhouse - image 2 - student projectReally loved working on this project...thanks so much Kate!  I found it really useful to see how you start with an image of colours, mix each of those up in little  pots (to be sealed in a plastic bag) and then apply those to your own composition.  Wonderful!  I used the Holbein Acryla gouache  because I have a few tubes of that.  Would like to try the watercolour type gouache you used in the video to see the difference...have you worked with the Acrylic type?   I am trying to make my images less realistic and more whimsical which I think I sort of managed here.  I am hoping that I can use gouache on canvas or birch you think they would work?  Would I need to Gesso my canvas or board?  Thanks again for this wonderful class...I learned a lot :)


Thanks for the input Kate about the bird in the wrong direction; absolutely right!  So this 'Cat and the Birdhouse' is my second attempt and really tried to get the composition right.  I know there are probably more embellishments I could do to the birdhouse, cat etc. but don't want to go too far.  As you can see I just love colour and again, using an image I like for colour as inspiration was so helpful.  So many decisions to make when trying to come up with everything from your head is nice to have the colours chosen first.  Thanks again!