Marji Bordner

Animator at Minomonsters



Cat and Dog (Idea 1)

Idea 1: Cat and Dog


When I was younger we had a dog and a series of cats.  One cat in particular was always fighting with our dog.  They never really hurt each other but would harass each other (they were both guilty of this).  Something like a sibling rivalry was between them.

The dog had to have her tail removed due to an accident with a door and when she returned from the vet she of course had a cone collar on (also known in some circles as THE CONE OF SHAME).

 She somehow managed to trap the cat under it and was gleefully chewing on the cat's head til the screeches brought us running  to extricate the poor cat.

I've always enjoyed telling this story but felt like you had to be there to get the full humor of it.  I'd like to try incorporating it into a short film idea.  I don't know if I'll ever animate it but it'll be fun to board!

Idea 2:  coming soon!

Idea 3:  coming soon!


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