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Cat Spirit Pop Star

Hello everyone! I'm Cheryl--university student, pancake enthusiast, and maybe (hopefully) part dog. I'm very excited to take this course and see what everyone comes up with.

My shape is a triangle. I've always thought that triangles are very energetic, and this has clearly influenced the occupation and traits I chose:


I envisioned "musician" not as someone who plays an instrument, but rather someone who sings or plays an instrument and has some sort of ineffable star appeal. The concept of celebrity is something that intrigues me, as it is heavily reliant on the production (and projection) of an image that can be idolised all over the world. And if an image is to incite such a universal reaction, it should be simplistic and easy to repeat. So, for my influences, I looked to people and things that say very much with very little: Elvis and his signature pose, origami, characters from Animal Crossing, Gorillaz, and some pens from Muji. I also thought that the pictures below did a great job of using triangles in a bold yet inviting way, which is what I want to achieve.


I tried to incorporate simplicity and personality into my sketches. This is as far as I've come--I've yet to settle on a look, so any comments are helpful!



I decided to go with the girl musician in the bottom left of my sketches. Lots of playing around ensued. My style choices are mostly derived from Japanese street fashion.


And here's the final design! I decided to make her a spirit because I thought a lot about how rockstars seek eternal glory--who better to achieve that than someone who actually has eternal life (or presence)? The cat part came from my wanting to strike a balance between playful and spooky, since I did choose "dynamic" as one of my traits. 


As always, comments are much appreciated! I'd like to know what's working, what's not, how I can continue to push the shapes, etc. Thanks for checking this out! :)


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