Cat Nap

Cat Nap - student project

I enjoyed experimenting with gouache in the three styles presented. Being a graphic designer by trade, I thought for sure that the graphic illustration style be the winner, but after finishing all three, I'm hard-pressed to say which I like the best!



Cat Nap - image 1 - student project

I enjoyed the easy flow and color blending of using a lot of water with the gouache, especially in my flowers and leaves. However, if I were going to go for a transparent effect, I would most likely just use watercolor.



Cat Nap - image 2 - student project

I have to say that what drew me to gouache is flatness of the color when it dries. I know I can achieve this style much easier using the computer, but something about having it hand-painted is super exciting to me.



Cat Nap - image 3 - student project

This style makes my heart flutter too! I like how I can add variation and details in color while still maintaining that flat, graphic look. One thing that I found though - after painting multiple layers on the cat - the surface can get lumpy. So I'd have to be less fussy when using this technique.


I can see myself incorporating both the graphic and oil painting styles together in order to get the rich colors and keeping the flatness of the finish.

This was a great class. I've learned much in trying these styles one after the other so I could compare and contrast. I'm thrilled with the many tips and tricks Sandra shared along the way, as well as seeing her painting as we went.

Thanks Sandra!!!

Nanette Martin
Graphic Designer + Illustrator