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Karen Emelia

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Cat Drinking Milk


For the two week design challenge. I have created an inspiration board with images I have been saving for a while on Pinterest. The things that are inspiring me right now are the colors, textures and typography. I am not quite sure where this will lead me but I did enjoy this part of the lesson. Thanks!


I love sketching on brown paper with black ink. Just for fun I added some accents with a white gelpen. I have been working on these sketches for a little while, adding a little here and there. Next up, turning them into vector illustrations.


I scanned in my sketches and traced them using Illustratror. After I traced them I created a pattern, tried out many color schemes and mock-ups. I had a hard time choosing which one I liked the best, but in the end I chose the purple and brown palette.

I loved the cat so much in mood board and really wanted to find a way to add him. This quirky sketch was almost a throw away, but I couldn't stop thinking about him. You can find him drinking milk amongst the flowers.




I also liked the look of pastel browns, blues and yellow.



Over all this was a fun pattern, I felt so free to add a silly character to my pretty flowers. Thanks for the challenge, it keeps me on my creative toes.


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