Casual Fashion

This was a fun exercise. I sketched casual fashions with features that I like.

The tops are pullover with modified dolman sleeves because I hate tight armholes. The style is loose and breezy. The pants have pockets. Deep pockets. Lots of pockets. The only clothes I buy without pockets are for dress - as in for going to theatre or the equivalent.

The tops are the same basic design, one has a scoop neck, the other a V-neck. The one for the capris has a cuffed sleeve to go with the cuffs on the capris. All the pockets on the capris are accented with stitching while the white pants have seam pockets on the front with decorative stitching only on the back pocket. 



I wasn't as specific as I would have been on details had I planned on these going to a manufacturer.

Good class. Thanks, LaQuan.


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