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Castles and Dragons Doodle

With a non-graphic related job and two little kids there are many ideas for doodling and also lots of very little timeslots to use (around 2-5 minutes), but no chance to edit the results properly.

However, I enjoyed this class very much and learned a lot from it! Now I know what to do with my doodles to get them to the designs that my children love to have in their rooms (they love designs based on doodles very much!).

Here is a doodle, that I did yestarday and since there was no time to scan I made a picture with my smartphone (thank you for this idea!!) and edited it with the photo tool on the same device.


I added color with color-pencils when drawing with the kids, so here is even a colored version :)


It is definitely not a final version (esp. with the big wonky tower in the middle), but my son wants it on his lunchbox, so I'll have to work on.

Thank you, Jon, for this very good lessons!!!


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