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Juan carlos Flores

Cg artist





My project is about a Castle. It´s located exactly in the middle of the earth (I´m from Ecuador) inside a forest. I was in a trip with some friends and near the Equator line he told us that he knew an interesting place nearby. It´s a private property, but somehow we were allowed to get inside. To me it was an amazing place but also kind of creepy because it was this massive unfinished castle in the middle of nowhere and I´m not sure there´s even other Castles in the country. It felt creepy and mysterious and I want my project to feel like it´s one of those places that you don´t want to go or maybe never come back!

Sadly the camera was terrible, but looked like a nice challenge.

Here it is.


I wanted more contrast on everything so I played a lot with tone curves and light. After a while I realized that there wasn´t too much colour to play with so I desaturated everything.


Finally I wanted to enhance the feeling of a storm coming so I darkened and contrasted even more the sky. There was a bit of light on the center of the sky and I thought I would be a nice idea to add some light there. It´s like "hey, let´s take shelter in the creepy place in front of us or get out of here!"

And final touches. I thought the whole scene was too dark so I added a little exposure to the castle. Also a bit of distortion and rotation. 

Here´s the final image. I´m not sure if it´s too modified but I think it went in the right direction. 


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