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Craig Paton

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Castle Guard Captain

Stage 1

I've chosen to work on a medieval/fantasy style captain of the guard concept. I thought the backstory of a girl promoted to castle guard after the death of her Father, the previous castle guard, could make for an interesting story.

Here are my stage one thumbnails. I've tried to include a variety of static and action poses, as I'm not sure what type to go for.

Don't usually work this way, with the shilloutted thumbnails, so it's a challenge for me to try and avoid the temptation of going straignt to detail. 

Comments and crits welcome, as always.

Stage 2

Evaluated my thumbs, and took on board feedback (cheers, guys) to norrow it down to what are the four strongest shillouttes. I went for 2, 5, 7 and 10. I think these show the most personality and will make for better illustrations. 9 is decent, but it's a bit too action/fantasy cliche, perhaps. 

Refining the sketches. I found this stage challenging, as it's different from my usual working method, again I'm having to resist putting in too much detail (I've clearly gone over board with it on some of these).

As I'm working on these sketches I'm starting to think a bit about who my character will be, what her job entials and the environment of the castle she is stationed at, as a lot of these considerations will have an effect on her costume, armor and weapons. Is it a castle in a warm or cold climate, for example? What do they do there? Are they warlike or more peaceful?

Enjoying continuing with this course, I'm learning much already (Charlie is a good teacher). Be cool to hear what you guys think of my refined sketches, if you have a prefered favourite, perhaps.

I wonder what I should call her.

Stage 3

Thumbnails 3 and 4 seemed to be the popular choices in which one to take futher, in the end I opted to go with #3 (the one with the flail) as it makes a better shilloutte and might be more adaptable to variation.

I went with three variations here (which I may yet mix and match a little, I'm not sure), I gave each a different look depending on what type of environment and castle lord our guard captain works with.

#1 Is an kind of imperial looking military type, Roman empire inspired look. 

#2 A medieval English look, inspired a bit by the Winterfell and Rohan armor styles. For a slightly colder environment.

#3 Highland warrior. For a castle in the cold highland hills.

#4 Evil mystical goth. Probably won't go further with this one, it was just fun to draw.

I'm leaning toward a preference of either 1 or 2, or a combination of the two. Again feedback and comments from you guys will be helpful in choosing how to proceed.

Stage 3 edit

Added a few more variations, after mixing and matching the first two.

Stage 4

Finishing details. Spent some time putting some detail in to the face and armor design, and really tried to go for the 'young girl takes on a challenging and dangerous role' look. I looked closely at Charlie's character style, and tried to take some influence without ripping her off.

Be pleased to hear what you guys think. I still haven't thought of a name for the character yet, suggestions welcome.


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