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Karen Emelia

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Casting Crowns Poster


This is an updated version of the class project. I wanted to give my poster the same colors as Jesse's because I don't really understand how to choose layers. I broke it down and separated everything into four different layers but I am still unsure. Here are my layers


So today I finally got started on my moodboard, sketching and illustrator work for this class project. I am not finished, but I wanted to at least get something out there.

Casting Crowns is my favorite band. I never went to a concert before until last year when Casting Crowns came to a town near us. It was such a great uplifting experience. 

Most of the covers for their albums are brown and green. There are lots of images of trees, roots, crowns and uplifted hands. I gave the name movement, trying to mimic the casting. I am not sure if I want to add a crown or just some texture. We will see.



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