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Castiaux's All Natural Tincuture Tea


I'm going for a fake tincture tea potion.. (don't know if this even exsits). My friend Marianna makes this amazing tea with chamomile, ginger, lemongrass and lots of great natural stuff, which makes you feel like heaven. Her last name is Castiaux, so I'm using her awesome lastname as the brand's name. 

Last night I had insomnia so I started sketching at 3 am:  


I began vectorizing my logo. I've been having trouble with the C, S, and X. 


I began modifiying the widths of the letters. Feedback would be appreciated! Letters like the T or the X were somewhat tricky. 

I also vectorized "All Natural". I think it's getting there but still needs some work, especially the t and the ends of the l's. Also the r is looking a bit too wide now that I see it. 


 I finally got to take some time off from grad school to keep working on this. I finished all the letters and the layout. I applied the first roughen effect. Stiil need to fix the roughen effect on the smallest letters and apply some textures. Slowly but surely... 

Working on small leters

Roughen effect (1st round)

Most up to date version. 


1. Finally got some time to work on this! So.. I took Simon's advise and made the word Herbal in script. Still not loving the H.

"He" from single-widht to more stylized widths. 

Trying to make this look similar. 

2. I aligned the word "TINCTURE" 

3. Played around with Layout... and not too happy with results! 

This is the best I've got so far without textures: 


New layouts:

1. I modified the X

2. Kept the X as it was, just played a bit with centering the elements

3. X stayed the same. Did herbal tincture as a horizontal line

4. Modified X and took away the ESTD. and 1982

As of now, I'm either going for 1 or 2. 


Finally!! I got to finish this project. It was a lengthy process but totally worth it. I had tried custom lettering before with kind of bad resu

lts. This class totally got it right (thanks Simon!). I still got to practice a lot and look forward to perfecting this technique. 

b/w logo

and just for fun.. next project will be to make an label for this. 


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