Castana logo

Primarily the logo I will be designing is for the website I am working on for another Skillshare class https://www.skillshare.com/classes/design/Joomla-3-Develop-a-Professional-Website-in-3-Simple-Steps/678928847. I have made a temporary logo for the website and will replace it with a new one that I will design for this class.

I have in mind to include a tree in the design. 

Today I finished the website design class and am very pleased with how it all went. Now I can resume this class and design a new logo for it.

Have made a Pinterest board https://www.pinterest.com/chestnut3028/ and here are some of the the logo pins I have included.


Yesterday I read through Richard G. Lewis' book, Color Psychology and now have a better idea of colours. That's a start and actually helps with the thinking of the design.

Have now enrolled in Faye's typography class to help with the next part of this project.

So I have the abandoned the notion of a tree and added the image of a horse because most of the creative work I do these days is for Brantome Police Horse and Friends.


Spotted these two logos today that I like.




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