Cassmian process

Cassmian process - student project

Cassmian process - image 1 - student projectCassmian process - image 2 - student projectCassmian process - image 3 - student projectHi everyone

I've recently returned to my creative roots after a detour that lasted a lifetime (at least feels like it).  Whatever I have tried in the interim failed to match the joy and fulfillment of creating art.  I'm hoping to finally make the leap into making this work for the long haul and would so appreciate your feedback as I continue to stumble while finding my feet. All I have is an Instagram account and a to-do list of ideas.  I'll continue to share whenever possible.  :)  


Hi again!

I've been playing with colour on one of my old designs trying to define my style.  Thought I'd share a few of the options.  Let me know what you think works, or not. Thanks in advance.:)