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Cassie's Patagonia Ps

Patagonia's use of the "Ps" is something that makes it stand apart from other companies. I think the most important Ps that Patagonia uses is PR and promotion. Patagonia clothing is higher-end and branded as an outdoorsy, environmentally friendly company. Its promotion and public relations are what keep the brand strong. It is promoted as being of the highest quality, which makes another P, its pricing, possible. People would not pay $649 for any old jacket. However, people will pay for a $649 Patagonia jacket that is promoted as including "GORE-TEX" technology that will keep people warm in any element. These items are specialized and higher-end, so they must be promoted as such.

Patagonia's PR also instills in its publics mind that they are making a "green" choice when they buy a Patagonia product. On its website, you can see a product's "Footprint Chronicles." This shows where the product was made and how it was created in a socially and economically conscious way. People can feel good about buying a Patagonia product because of the way its related to its publics.


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