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Cassie's Class Project - student project

Cassie's Class Project - image 1 - student project

This is my latest class - How to Write Funny Riddles for Kids  

It has the lowest enrollment of all my classes.  I'm not sure if people are not interested in the subject or I should change the title.   

The problem with the title is I think people are sometimes confused by the word "riddle" and think it's like a brain teaser rather than a joke. I know most people use those words interchangeably.  But I was reluctant to call this class How to Write Jokes and Riddles because in the strictest sense I'm teaching riddles and not jokes.  

Any thoughts?  And it won't hurt my feelings if anyone says the subject is not that popular.  All feedback is appreciated.  What I really want to know is Will changing the title help?

Thanks in advance!

Cassie Brenn

Creative Person