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Cassandra's couch!

Ok so i know the class is over, but i now have my new throw rug!  I love it to bIts. I  have been buying lots  more indoor plants too! Here's some new pics, my official 'after' of my  couch and coffee table. 

Im ordering some air plants for these cute terrariums! 

I love this picture, a lot bolder than my decorating style but the colours are stunning! This is from the current edition of the Inside Out Magazine, it actually  graces the cover : )

Needs: a lounge to sit on, drawers to the right of picture

Shape & Size:  Smaller objects mixed with larger objects, round tables paired with a rectangular rug and couch

Colour: Blue & Green! (In many different shades)  Work beautifully together in this picture. 

Pattern: Patterned rug is very bold, but is balanced out nicely with subtly patterned cushions and timber.

Texture: Floor boards, different materials, juju hat on wall, plants. 

Bling: the black chandelier and glass pot. 

Botanicals: beautiful hanging plant and terrarium on coffee table. 

Now here true some pics of  my house. In need of some colour injection!

Here's my first try at restyling my coffee table... (See before shot in previous photos) 

below are pics of my console which I've restyled (old pic further up page). I took a few different pics, not sure what one I like best yet....still deciding. 

Ok, so here' s my attempt at restyling my couch! I'm on a budget so couldn't invest in more cushions, but it is certainly in the plans! I have a throw on lay-by which I love! Will get some new cushions to match that. There's a 'before' pic of my couch in previous postings. 

And here's my new throw....


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