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Casino De Paris

This is my first Skillshare project and first daliance with Illustrator, so I'm not too sure what I'm doing yet! I picked a Casino de Paris poster. So far I've only finished part 1 setting up all the basic shapes (I think). I wasn't sure how much I was supposed to do in this phase. I added everything but the type and whatever effects would be discussed in the next video, which I haven't watched yet. 

Here's the original poster!

Here's my version so far:

One thing I was unsure of is what to put in which layer. I put pretty much everything in its own layer...the skin, the hair, the skin highlights, the lines on the skin, the pearls, the bracelets, the jewels/details on the bracelets, the face, the blue eyes, the eyelashes, the feathers and the stars. I wasn't sure whether it is possible (or a good idea) to draw shapes and then draw on top of them in the same layer. I didn't really map out what would go on top of what and just shifted around the layer arrangement as I went to make it work. There is probably a better process for that, like mapping it all out before starting. 

I mostly used the pen tool. I didn't see much in the illustration that I thought would be easier to draw using the ellipses. I wasnt sure about colors and just used the eye dropped tool on the original to try and approximate them. This first phase took me 12 hours and my hands hurt. 


Here is after adding the text and textures. I first tried making the text with the blob brush but wasn't getting the nice lines so I just went back to the pen tool. I made the background by just freehanding with a watercolor brush to try and get the painted look. I used a watercolor brush to paint some pink into the feathers as well, it's not really the same look of the original but I couldn't think of a better method. I think I'm done, it's not perfect but I'm think I need a mental break. I couldn't figure out how to stretch the art to go all the way to the bleed lines so I just tried to reduce the size of the artboard to fit the image, which didn't work that well. Maybe in a few days I'll go back and try and make the girl look a bit more grainy. Any criticism or advice is welcome :) thanks!


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