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Michael Tanner

Graphic Designer



Casey's Barber Shop

My Brief

Casey's is a fictional barber shop which I have decided to base my project on. The name has plenty of interesting characters to play with, and with the addition of "Barber shop" or an est. date I can create a nicely layed out typographic logo.

Initial Sketches

Firstly, here are some initial sketches, playing with the descender of the y connecting with the lower part of the C, to create an area for any supplementary text to sit in. Not sure how this space would develop though once I start detailing the typography. 

I've also looked into extended the size of the S, and place the supp. text around this. Not sure if I like this one yet. Still unsure what route I will take yet, might have to sleep on it to get some fresh eyes tomorrow!

But for now, peace out!

So I worked on developing the C & Y connection, going into a bit more detail with how thick/thin I would like the characters.

Might try and get some more detail in there tonight, before moving on screen. But so far, I am happy with how it is progressing.

Vectoring: Stage one.

And so it begins! My first attempt at this, really enjoying the challenge! Should hopefully have my first draft done by today!

So, after a couple of breaks in between, I have my first draft(s) of my logo. There are a few elements I want to play with, such as the curl at the top of the C, as it seems a bit forced at the moment. Also want to play with the loop a bit aswell. The one on the left was using my original sketch as my bible, but I didn't like the way the characters were linking with eachother. There was a lot of space developing between them and couldn't get a fix I was happy with. 

So I changed my approach slightly and decided to tighten the characters, and link them at different points.

Let me know what you think!

The final logo.

So here it is. After tweaking and shifting things I have finalised my logo for "Casey's Barber Shop".

There are aspects of this that I am not 100% happy with, such as the C, the loop and the Y. But, I would rather move away from this project, and begin a new one with the skills I have learned. Then, I can work with new letters and styles. Overall though, I am very happy with my first attempt at this!

Any thoughts from any one would be awesome to hear! Be it negative, positive, whatever! 


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