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Casey Sharpe - Art Jewelry

I use traditional metalsmithing techniques, like chasing, repousse, and fabrication to create the sterling silver elements in my designs. In combination with the silver, I use a variety of other media, including sand and resin. My current work focuses heavily on barnacles. The endless variation between each barnacle, as well as their appearance when clustered in groups, sparks my interest. In order to embrace this individuality, each barnacle used in my work is hammered from a flat sheet of sterling silver instead of being cast. It is impossible to completely replicate a piece this way, creating the same variation one finds in nature.

In using barnacles to adorn the human body, my work strives to turn each individual into a sunken remnant. It is the interaction between man, the manmade object, and nature that fascinates me. Man attempts to remove himself from nature as much as possible, but in the end, it reclaims us, willing or not. It is this dichotomy that my work explores, using the human body as context and site.


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