Case studies

Case studies - student project

Hey there, I’m doing the Day 2-4 part of the process (great class by the way). Now I’m struggling. I’d be happy for a lot of feedback (especially from Tom :) ) What I did here is something I never did before and I’m half surprised and half irritated. Somehow I like it but there’s for sure a lot to develop. 

the Project is about the symbolism of plants. I try some translation of the Texts:


Case studies - image 1 - student projectI know why dogs dy earlier than humans. Humans get born because they need to learn how to live a good life. For example love everybody and be always kind, don’t they? Dog already know how to do that. That’s why they don’t need to stay as long on earth.



Case studies - image 2 - student project

Strangely beautiful she dances full of pure joy.

.Case studies - image 3 - student project

astonishingly juicy and sweet is this pricky thing.



Case studies - image 4 - student projectCase studies - image 5 - student projectCase studies - image 6 - student projectCase studies - image 7 - student project