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Case of the Mondays

My morning breakfast routine takes place partially at my apartment and partially at the office. While it isn't really breakfast, the first thing I normally eat is a fresh tomato off the vine while watering the plants on my porch. 

Unedited pic 1:

Then, after about a 25 minute commute, I get to the office and do the same thing every day: stand in front of the fridge for about a minute and consider what I shall concoct to satisy my pre-10am hunger. Unfortunately this is pre-Fresh Direct delivery at Skillshare HQ, so the pickings were slim. From a composition standpoint I just wanted to show a relatable view.

Unedited pic 2:

Finally, I assembled some toast with blueberry jam (there wasn't any butter left! ugh). Because that wouldn't make for much of an interesting picture, I decided to add some granola to the side. You may be asking yourseld, who puts granola on a plate? I know, not a bright decision but I feel like it balanced the canvas well. Fashion over function. In terms of the composition I wanted to utilize the early light to create long shadows, so I chose taller props like the plant and the cup. 

Unedited photo #3:


Here are my edited shots:

Edited photo 1 - used Snapseed to increase brightness and make the light a little warmer, cropped to square, centered on the main tomato. Ever so slight VSCO filter on here. 

Edited photo #2: Cropped, brightness and warmth toggled, and image straightened in Snapseed. +2F2 filter used in VSCO. I could have done a better job lining up all the perpendicular and parallel lines in the original shot though. 

Edited photo 3: Really slight tweaks to the brightness in Snapseed, then +3F2 in VSCO. I'm really happy with how the woodgrain and shadows turned out, so I kept the photo in it's original ratio. If I were to take this again, though, I would have used a higher point of view so I could capture everything in a square without having to choose what I wanted to keep in the frame. 


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