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Cascadia Crest

My family is my community. I have been in the Pacific Northwest my whole life and decided to design a crest for the region, commonly known as "Cascadia".

I really liked the idea of creating a crest for a fictional "finishing school" somewhere where the uninitiated could come learn about snowboarding, microbrews, outdoor recreation, dealing with the rain, and all the other aspects that make Cacscadia great.

I started by writing out a few key words, mind map style:

Next, I collected images of finishing school logos as well as some old school family crests.

Now to build some simple shapes that relate to my area.

I decided to include:

- Laurels inspired by the decor of a Pabst can

- Micro brews

- Outdoor Activities

- Mt. Baker, some trees

- Pot Leaf (Legilization and what not...)

- And of course, a water drop to symbolize the Northwest's lovely weather.

I also created my shield shape and banner.

Now put them together!

Tried to find some "Cascadia" lettering. I ended up choosing "Sombra" which is actually inspired by sign painting in Spain, but I feel it had the look I needed.

Now slap it on the crest!

Now to add some Old-School Seahawks colors. These colors also happen to be the colors of the Cascadia flag.

I will be tweaking the design and colors a tad bit more, but until then I would love some feedback!


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