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CascadeDweller’s Photo Blog

CascadeDweller’s Photo Blog

This app is in the beginning stages of a photo blog that I plan to use for selling and promoting my photography. Several features have been added to the app that were not covered in the course.

  • The intro page displays only the 5 most recent posts, in descending order.
  • Images link to the post
  • A login is required to add, delete or edit posts.
  • The ability for viewers to add comments was implemented
  • A category attribute was created for the post which allows pages to display relevant posts.

Moving forward there are several items in which I plan to implement.

  • Curent page shows active navigation tab highlighted
  • Create an image viewer that goes full screen with dark background and displays a large image, when post images are clicked on.
  • A fully functional shopping cart feature is added along with sending automated email receipts.

Have fun, take a look, and leave a comment.


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