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I decided to do the Time Warner classic Casa Blanca. With this movie in mind, I wanted to portray scenery and objects as my focus instead on the character's themselves. This is why you see the famous car and the plane flying away in the distance.The use of red and yellow are quite common in the original movie posters so there was no reason to stray way from that because I wanted my audience to find connection with the film.

I started with some tracings of the car and plane as separate files to be added to the poster later. My main print consisted of a red sun with the top half being the skyline of Casablanca. Then behind this image I painted a yellow sky with the blob brush with a light opacity to give it a bit of a water color look. The out lines in black consisted of mainly using the blob brush + shift key and creating circular shapes for the domes. I also used the opacity feature to fade some of the lines. 

Once this was finished, I place the plane and car onto the print and went on to using the gradient cool for shading. After shades and highlights were finished, I continued using the gradient tool to make the peices consistent to the poster (adding yellow to the plane and car to reflect the sky). The final component to texture the art (which I did in Photoshop) was to add a picture I had of sand which I made very trandparent on the print itself. 

Hope you enjoy! 


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