Casa di Pecora

Casa di Pecora - student project

Phase 1 - Picking a Product or Brand

A friend of mine has the most incredible collection of matchbooks from the past 60+ years. I thought it would be a cool idea to design a matchbook cover that represents, which I can give to my friends who come visit. The cool thing about matchbooks are that they are small, cheap, and extremely functional. I think the biggest challenge will be coming up with something that works well on such a small scale.

I'd like to think that whenn people visit my wife and I, they have fun, so I think a playful and vibrant colour palette is suitable. It would be nice to work in some illustration to accompany the typography, which will be:

"Casa di Pecora"
"Est. 2012"

A few things I found that have the vibe I'm going for:

Casa di Pecora - image 1 - student project

That's it for now. Time to start sketching.

Chris Pecora

Graphic Designer & Custodian