Casa de Puebla

Casa de Puebla - student project

Here is a picture of my childhood home now (I found it on google earth). At the beginning I thought I'd had lot's of trouble paining something cute with this picture. I loved that Claudia gave all the examples of objects inside or around her house that could make her illustration much more attractive. When I was little, this house was in a rural area and coming out of the front door, you could see the volcano Popocatepetl. Therefore I added them in the background. My dad painted the house yellow and blue at some point, and those colors are my favorite combination (my current home is painted that way). The trees were down the street, two or three blocks over. This place clearly looks better in my memories than irl.Casa de Puebla - image 1 - student project

Casa de Puebla - image 2 - student project

Casa de Puebla - image 3 - student project

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