Casa Lazuli

Casa Lazuli - student project

From a young age, I have been fascinated with colour. One of the very few classes I actually remember from primary school is the one where we learned about colours. I can still see myself sitting in the classroom, watching with big eyes how red paint mixed with yellow magically turns into orange.


I don't draw or paint nowadays (although watching this class makes my fingers itch), but I do work with beads. I love playing with colour, testing out which combinations work, not only in my beadwork, but also in the way I photograph my creations


I usually work very intuitively, but this class definitely inspired me to go and try out different colour schemes and tricks in a more deliberate way. And who knows, I might even try my hand at painting and mixing actual colours like I did as a little girl all those years ago! 

Casa Lazuli - image 1 - student project