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Caryn Ginsberg

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Caryn's Day

Made a few changes in the list as I went to make the project more interesting. So now its:

Get up, make bed, run, shower, breakfast

Read paper, check email, work (thinking), work (creating materials), watch the squirrels

Lunch (smoothie), work calls, call husband, watch the birds, make dinner

Eat dinner, clean dishes, watch TV, read, sleep

Slight changes in the final

1. Get up

2. Make bed

3. Run

4. Take a shower

5. Breakfast

6. Read newspaper

7. Check email

8. Do computer work

9. Think

10. Look at birds out back

11. Have lunch

12. Talk on the phone

13. Look at squirrels out back

14. Make dinner

15. Eat dinner

16. Wash dishes

17. Watch TV

18. Brush teeth

19. Read

20.  Sleep

Looks like I peaked early, as the first one, "Rise and Shine" was my favorite. Having to choose a favorite also made me realize they could all use refining. But I think I've gotten the intent here.

For folks who are interested in icons, but don't want to always create your won, I recently came across Other than tracing a phone from there, all fo these are my originals.


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