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Carving, creating and cultivating a consultancy as your perfect job


I am a HR Consultant and Career Coach who started out in Printing and Publishing. I worked in a marketing department of three writing compelling copy for the diverse and wonderful media platforms we have come to know and love. Working for a small company was great. My role was diverse and varied. No two days were ever the same. This company enabled me to establish skills in film distribution, product design and PR selling my press releases in an attempt to gain as many clippings as possible. I loved that job. Cultivating business relationships over a bottle of wine, socialising till the wee hours of the morning was great till I realised I wasn’t being financially rewarded for my efforts and there was no chance of career progression due to the size of the business so there was always a thought at the back of my mind that I wouldn’t stay there.  

After 2 years of the glam life, I switched to the Not for profit sector deciding it was time to give back. Still working within a marketing environment, somehow I was chosen to lead on a recruitment project for a Direct Marketing Manager in my first week! I didn’t have any experience in recruitment practices but I was excited to prove myself and this is where my passion for HR and recruitment began.

I remember coming back to work from a long holiday and thinking I can’t do this a second longer. I felt unfulfilled, unappreciated and uninspired – the desk just looked like it was no longer where I should be and switching the computer in felt like torture! When I eventually opened my emails one of the first messages I opened was the opportunity to take voluntary redundancy – I jumped at it and have never had a full time permanent job since. For me, the idea of getting stuck in a de-motivating, uninspiring environment fills me with dread! I’ve had a few jobs. Not all great but a steep learning curve nonetheless. I’ve worked with inspiring managers, managers who made me feel I could do and achieve anything and other managers that you wonder how on this earth they got their job but these experiences taught me lot about myself and the type of vocation I needed to pursue.

I set up my own business consultancy and through contract work and freelancing, for the past 7 years I have been working in HR and recruitment coaching and supporting colleagues staff and friends to attain a more balanced, stimulating and fulfilling working life. I knew that I wanted to help people in one capacity or other to attain a more satisfactory work life as this is what I have always strived for myself. I did not have the career coaching I needed at an early age to assess what my strengths were but always felt motivated about my potential and what I could achieve once I exercised enough focus to see it through.

Although I was coaching individuals in my day-to-day job, I still wanted more. I’ve always wanted to work for myself combining my love of people and career matters. I had no idea that coaching was an occupation until I stumbled upon a training course with The Coaching Academy and I haven’t looked back since.

With Career coaching I typically work with individuals who are fed up with their current job and are looking for a change. Often they don’t really know what it is they seek but I help them to find their true passion. Together we put a plan of action in place. Sometimes the client wants to set up their own business and in other cases the client realises that they don’t hate their job as much as they thought and maybe just needed recognition or more responsibility. The important thing is that they are happier than they were before which is great for both the coach and client. Coaching from my perspective is about how I can help my clients’ transition to achieve their ultimate career goal and be content and satisfied in the occupation they chose to settle in.

I am also a boutique HR Consultant specifically focused on providing solutions for SME, startups, media and the creative industries who require a less corporate feel and approach to their business solutions. Specialising in Recruitment and selection, personalised policy and employee management systems, Grievances and disciplinary along with advising on most areas of the HR function.

Through freelance coaching I have been able to assist clients in a more pragmatic and powerful way and in ways that suit both client and coach. From graduates to managers, I have given many successful individuals the tools to empower themselves to catapult their career to the next level and to feel confident in doing so.



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