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Carving Out Your Style: Reduction Linocut Workshop

Hi all,

Update: This class is now live!! I would love it if you could enrol and can't wait to see what everyone can create!

Link to enrol here


Ink Print Repeat : Reduction Linocut Workshop

In this class we'll be going through my printing process, from idea generation to carving the block and putting it through the press. I'll be throwing in some of the tips and tricks I have picked up through my trial and error.

Reduction lino is a form of relief printing that uses one linoleum block to make several different layers, one after the other, destroying the previous layer as you make the next one.

By the end of this project you should have a solid foundation of printing knowledge in order to experiment and create your own lino prints for greetings cards, postcards and original prints.


Produce your own Reduction Linocut print!


Brainstorm an image of your favourite place and then use the knowledge you've gained from the class to produce a linocut of the image.


Create a linocut print and share the following:

  • Any work in progress shots of your process from sketching out the image to the final printing stages
  • Your final printed image

Class Outline:


Just finished editing a trial version of my introduction video and have put it on youtube here

Would love it if you could have a look and tell me what you're thinking.




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