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Cartooning Myself

Kaufenberg, you are the man! It was so easy to make my own after watching you go through the whole process. I am making a short illustrated book for my girlfriend and I need to have illustrations of her, myself, and a few other folks, so i started with myself.

It took me forever to get the texturing down. I can do the hard shadows no problem, but I was having trouble figuring out what brush I should use for the more faded textures. Since I was creating myself, I found that it didnt look anything like me until I added my wavy hair. So in terms of making caracatures, I think it is best to pick one or two features, and exaggerate the hell out of them (which may or may not have been obvious). Keep the illustration simple, and exagerrated. 

I was not super fond of my illustration when i had just the shapes down, but I stayed confident that if I added the textures, I would like it, so don't ditch your illustration if you're not happy with it at first! Keep with it, and add those textures baby. 

I really enjoyed this course. Thank you so much! 


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