Cartoon Sketching - parts 1-4

Cartoon Sketching - parts 1-4 - student project

Most of the drawing tutorials kind of neglect the importance of sketching where everything important happens, giving the foundation to the further development of the intended drawings.
Sketching is an independent discipline which gives the artist confidence where to start and avoid the reluctance to erase or start anew the endeavor because even the wrongly placed more developed element[s] in the composition need amendments or erasure. And yes, artists hate to erase something tightly drawn with details, even if the final result or placement is wrong.
This Course assures the student that self-confidence is built gradually with easy discipline and routines that provide early lightly executed basics for drawing to grow organicaly whilst under the stressless control of the artist.

The 'warm-up routines' are explained along with the definition of the shapes that occupy the space instead of being flat twodimensional lines on the paper surface. The so-called 'contouring' that appears as the final embellishment of the drawing rests on the sketched foundation that doesn`t reach the viewer but has to be erased so only the contours remain - that`s why we use pencils with color leads for preliminary sketching and graphite pencils with black lead to clean-up sometimes messy 'underdrawing'.
Finally we encounter the dread of most artists - perspective that is explained in no-nonsense manner with easy to understand essential principles.
We wrap up the Course with an action figure in motion which shows us all the elements we have gone through together.

All characters drawn & used in the video are created, owned and Copyrighted to the LINGO Planet Media. They are from children`s picturebooks and comics titled ELLA & TOYPALZ. No other company owned intellectual properties are [mis]used during making this video.
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Bojan Djukic

Graphite Fantasy - Soul Cartooning